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Day1_1_Put In River Reading.jpg (101kb) Day1_2_MF-Put In 2.jpg (78kb) Day1_3_Put In Art and Art.jpg (182kb) Day1_4_Boats at Put In.jpg (226kb) Day1_5_MF-Put In.jpg (73kb)
Day1_6_Put In Ramp.jpg (162kb) Day1_7_Put In Tim and Pat.jpg (147kb) Day1_8_Paddle Raft Day 1.jpg (140kb) Day1_9_Paddle Rafting Day 1.jpg (130kb) Day1_a_Pats IK Skills.jpg (126kb)
Day1_b_Art and Rocky First Camp.jpg (132kb) Day3_1_Bocci Ball.jpg (190kb) Day3_2_Arts Bed at Little Soldier.jpg (153kb) Day3_3_MF-Little Soldier Yogis.jpg (72kb) Day3_4_MF-Little Soldier Yogis 2.jpg (72kb)
Day3_5_MF-Little Soldier Yogis 3.jpg (73kb) Day3_6_Paddle Rafting.jpg (181kb) Day3_7_MF-Andre's Bliss.jpg (47kb) Day3_8_MF-Sunflower.jpg (74kb) Day4_1_MF-Big Loon Sunset.jpg (44kb)
Day4_2_Jenn Joanne Big Loon.jpg (165kb) Day4_3_MF-Big Loon Geeet yer ribeye.jpg (59kb) Day4_4_Art at Big Loon.jpg (127kb) Day4_5_Sunrise at Big Loon.jpg (92kb) Day4_6_MF-Big Loon Walk - Rocky.jpg (77kb)
Day4_7_MF-Big Loon Hot Spring.jpg (72kb) Day4_8_MF-Pat's Passion at Big Loon.jpg (53kb) Day4_9_Paddle Raft Tappan1.jpg (189kb) Day4_a_Paddle Raft Tappan2.jpg (182kb) Day4_b_Paddle Raft Tappan3.jpg (176kb)
Day5_1_Falls Creek.jpg (139kb) Day5_2_Jenn - Andre Falls Creek.jpg (135kb) Day5_3_Boys at Veil Falls.jpg (141kb) Day5_4_MF-Veil Falls Patty is ready.jpg (64kb) Day5_5_MF-Yogi Falls.jpg (62kb)
Day5_6_MF-Yogi Falls 2.jpg (59kb) Day5_7_MF-Our FTL at Veil Falls.jpg (59kb) Day5_8_Veil Falls Andre Eileen Bob.jpg (111kb) Day5_9_Veil Falls Andre.jpg (209kb) Day5_a_Tim War Winnings.jpg (137kb)
Day5_b_Arts War Winnings.jpg (149kb) Day6_1_Funston Camp.jpg (126kb) Day6_2_Art Work at Funston.jpg (100kb) Day6_3_MF-IKs return to Funston.jpg (49kb) Day6_4_MF-Jenn.jpg (68kb)
Day6_5_Ouzel Camp View.jpg (131kb) Day7_1_Ouzel Packing Up.jpg (201kb) Day7_2_MF-Group at Ouzel.jpg (194kb) Day7_3_Ouzel Campsite.jpg (41kb) Day7_4_Art Jr Oaring.jpg (177kb)
Day7_5_MF-Bob's Cramer Hit.jpg (56kb) Day7_6_MF-Bring on Cramer.jpg (54kb) Day7_7_MF-Cramer Confrontation.jpg (48kb) Day7_8_MF-Cramer.jpg (58kb)