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Rockburn Branch Regional Park

Ten minutes into this I wasn't sure that I wanted to be here, lots of roots going downhill fast. You know what it means when you start out downhill: you have to do some uphill to finish. I wasn't sure that my abdomen was up to the bouncing either. In any event, I continued and was glad that I did. the roots eased up and the uphill back was more gradual. Nice place for being in the Bos-Wash megalopolis.

I lost the trail in the area of the ballfields, suspect it has changed since the book was published, but easily found my way back to the car. Went uphill for a ways on the paved road and hit 27mph on the way back.

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The ups and downs are just enough to be interesting. Most were pretty straightforward. Some sandy spots.

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Mountain Biking DC Baltimore

Mountain Biking the Washington DC / Baltimore Area, Fourth Edition, by Scott Adams and Martin Fernandez. If you found this useful please buy the book.



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