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Silver River

This is a lovely river, crystal clear and pristine on both banks. Access is idiosyncratic: on one hand you can put in at Ray Park near the confluence of the Oklawaha River and paddle upstream. I rather enjoy this approach but it means that I won't get to the spring itself, it's just too far. On the other hand you can schlep your boat a quarter mile to the putin in Silver River Park, I'd rather paddle.

There is about 1 mph of current as a result of the 850cfs flowing from the springs. I saw lots of birds, flying and diving, but only one alligator. It's been cold here.

DeLorme Florida : 72 c3

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Paddler's Guide to the Sunshine State

Paddler's Guide to the Sunshine State, by Sandy Huff. If you found this useful please buy the book.



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