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Hontoon Island SP

Unless you work there Hontoon Island can only be accessed by ferry and ferry only takes people and bikes, makes for a nice environment. No cars. Lovely Island with picnic areas, camping, and cottages. You can rent canoes and kayaks, bring a bike, or just sit around. No swimming, there are alligators in the river.

The book describes the ride as six miles but the book is missing a couple of trails and if you "touch" all available side trails you will go farther than six miles. (Be sure to pick up one of the trail maps at the office, they're free. Moreover, some of the trail is quite sandy and one works a bit harder to go the same distance, at least I do. I found this a good place to practice for harder single-track trails: there are roots around and I could try hopping them without fear of serious consequence.

All in all, a great time on the bike.

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DeLorme Florida : 80 a2

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Mountain Rails-to-Trails Florida

Rails-to-Trails Florida, by David Gluckman. Pages 106-109. If you found this useful please buy the book.








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