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Halfway Creek and Loop

This was interesting in that I had never done it before and that it was mostly small and narrow. We did not see very much wildlife and I could not really see much evidence that that there was any. No tracks on the banks. No alligators live here and we did not see snakes. There were some very energetic fish from time to time that would jump two vertical and three horizontal feet, impressive.

The birds were not very active either. We did see a tri-color heron and a swarm of some unknown bird, hundreds if not a thousand.

Tricolored Heron from Wiki

DeLorme Florida : 116 b2

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Notes from the outfitter's (Ivey House B & B) map:

  • L8 - take sharp left.
  • L11 - stay to the left.
  • L12 - stay to the right.
  • L15 -> 3 - once you get back to the main channel, stay to your left.

I am not responsible for typographical or other errors in this map. If it is helpful to you, great. If you get lost I can't help you. Paddle at your own risk.

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Paddler's Guide to the Sunshine State

Paddler's Guide to the Sunshine State, by Sandy Huff. If you found this useful please buy the book.




Mountain Biking DC Baltimore
A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to Florida, Second Edition, by Johnny Molloy et al.. If you found this useful please buy the book.





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