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Faka Union Canal

Part of this trip is primordial mud defined, you can almost imagine the primitive life beginning underneath you. The first fifty feet was fine then it got shallow, real shallow. The good news was that the bottom was sandy and firm, the water clear. This went on for about .2 mile then it got a little mucky. Finally, at the first lake, about waypoint 144 on the map it got really mucky. How mucky was it? At one point I thought I was going to have to leave a Teva sandal behind to get my foot out. After that, I just took the Tevas off and it worked better. Bob W almost fell in, another person in our party actually did fall in. Yuck.

The middle part of the trip was delightful: winding through a forest of mangrove at the edge and perhaps aspen on the inside. High banks, about three feet or so. On some of the sandbars we saw four-toe tracks with claws, could have been panther? This went on for awhile, perhaps three miles as the egret flies, four or so with turns. Lovely.

We finished off with three miles into the wind along a ditch for motorboats, aka a canal.

Look here for the photos.

DeLorme Florida : 110 c2

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There are no books that cover this river. (None that I have found anyway.)

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