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East River

This is a nifty river, exactly what I wanted to do today. There was little in the way of wildlife although a fish did jump over my boat! The interest for me was in the lakes and tunnels, four lakes and five tunnels to be exact. We were lucky enough to be paddling with a group who knew where the tunnel entrances were and marked them with pink tape for us. (The last people out, us, the two Bobs, removed the tape and left no trace.

Almost got lost one time when I took a wrong turn into a small pond. There was an exit but very little water in it, not enough to float the likes of me. I was thinking, "Uh, oh, the tide went out, now what???" Fortunately, Bob Williams found the marker and the way out.

DeLorme Florida : 116 a1

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This river is not in any book that I have or could find. There is a National Park Service description. Click here.

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