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Alafia Sand Pine Trail

This is supposed to be an easy trail and I guess it is for some folks. I found it a bit gnarly. One of the most exciting things is the two way traffic. Since most of the curves are fairly blind and it is single-track I found myself facing a head-on collision on more than one occasion, the first time scared me witless. I'm told that the good riders like to use this trail for "training" and ride it pretty fast. Great.

I did have fun and nothing was really over my head. I never fell but walked a few times, usually when the trees were separated by only a handlebar and there were roots to boot.

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DeLorme Florida : 92 b1

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This ride is essentially flat with some slight ups and downs.

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This is not in any of the books that I have. It may have formerly been called "Boyette."

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